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How to Have a Moving Sale

Make moving out a little easier by getting rid of stuff that you’ve collected and don’t need anymore. You may even make a little cash to help pay for the move.


  • Step 1: Reward buyers who will purchase in bigger lots by providing a discount. Whoever can clean you out faster is your friend, because they allow you to get packing and moved sooner.
  • Step 2: If you have kids, encourage them to sell their own stuff and pick up a little money too. Besides being a great lesson in economics, it’s a way for you to avoid the pain of pulling sentimental things from their hands.
  • Step 3: Donate anything you can -- most of it, if the money doesn't ultimately matter to you. Charities pick up and you'll be done in a jiffy.
  • FACT: By 2006, immigration in America was preserving inner-city populations. New York City had added 1 million immigrants in 5 years, without whom the region would have lost some 600,000 natives to the suburbs.
  • Step 4: Mark everything clearly and save a lot of questions or quibbles. Play the game and horse trade, but don't talk them out of the sale. If it has a price, it goes.
  • Step 5: Supply yourself with plenty of change, especially fives and ones. Keep it safe in an nail apron rather than a box as you move around the house watching your goods and answering questions.
  • Step 6: Consult with an insurance agent to be sure you have coverage for liability when potential customers are on your property, both to cover them and any losses you might incur.
  • TIP: Ask your neighbors if they'd be willing to have yard sales, too, to draw more customers.
  • Step 7: Do some free advertising. Get the word out in e-mail to friends, neighbors, and relatives. Put out signs on corners all around and advertise in a local paper, shopper, or newsletter.
  • TIP: Get ready -- house and estate sale enthusiasts will ignore starting times and come early to beat the rush.
  • Step 8: Set aside valuables that the casual bargain shopper would refuse to pay a proper price for. Take the items to collectors or others who appreciate their quality and worth.

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