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How to Have a Quick Wit

Do you always think of the perfect thing to say long after the moment has passed to actually say it? Develop a quick wit with these tricks.


  • Step 1: Use your quick wit judiciously. There's nothing less amusing than someone who is trying too hard to be funny.
  • FACT: The results of a British study indicate that women equate wit with intelligence.
  • TIP: Prepare clever comebacks for common annoying questions. It will make people think you have a quick wit.
  • Step 2: Memorize some witty quotes that cover a variety of situations. You know what they say -- "Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit."
  • Step 3: Read a lot. People famous for their wit are educated, articulate, and well-informed.
  • Step 4: Whenever you have some free time, choose 2 words or phrases at random and then brainstorm associations between them. It gets you in the habit of thinking creatively.
  • Step 5: Know what it means to have a quick wit: The ability to make smart, funny, perceptive observations -- and deliver them with perfect timing.

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