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How to Have an Online Jewelry Party

Save the time and hassle of hosting a jewelry party in your home but still rake in extra cash by having a jewelry cyber sale.


  • Step 1: Ship the orders in a timely manner, and ship them all at the same time so everyone can enjoy their new jewels together.
  • Step 2: Thank everyone you invited, regardless of whether they bought something. In your e-mail or card, suggest that they host a party giving you a bonus for each one that occurs due to your party.
  • FACT: Avon, the world's largest door-to-door cosmetics seller, bought jewelry party pioneer Silpada Designs in 2010.
  • Step 3: Send reminders before and during the party and include those who haven't made purchases.
  • TIP: Offer each guest a special incentive, like a gift card, as an added enticement.
  • Step 4: Set up your website so that a password is required, either to access the website or to use the ordering page. That way, the general public won't be able to order jewelry offered there, but your customers will.
  • Step 5: E-mail invitations to the party to friends and customers. Include your name, promotional copy, the date and timeframe of the sale, a link to the website, and the password.
  • Step 6: Design and build a website through which your friends and customers will be able to buy your jewelry. There are several jewelry website building resources available online, but look for e-commerce services that offer a free shopping cart and no transaction fees.

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