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How To Have the Best School Dance Ever

A memorable party includes a big turnout, a unique and exciting theme, and great entertainment. Plan early and have the best school dance ever.


  • Step 1: Raise money for the party through ticket sales, having a car wash, and having a bake sale.
  • Step 2: Promote the dance by hanging flyers and posters all over the school. Focus on the entertainment and activities. When the day finally arrives, join in the festivities of the best school dance ever.
  • FACT: An Irish dance took place in Dublin, Ohio, on August 4, 2007 that included 10,036 participants
  • Step 3: Break down the responsibilities and assign each volunteer a job. Do not forget to include cleanup responsibilities.
  • Step 4: Plan the budget by adding the cost of the DJ or other entertainment, photographer, decorations, activities, food, and refreshments. Set a date for the party.
  • Step 5: Brainstorm and vote on a brilliant theme for the party.
  • TIP: Ideas for a theme include Hollywood Movie Stars, a Monster Bash, or focusing on a specific decade.
  • Step 6: Plan activities at the dance that people will get excited about. Have a dance contest, a best dressed contest, a guest appearance, or schedule your school dance squad to perform.
  • Step 7: Find volunteers to be on the committee to plan the best school dance party ever. Invite faculty members to be chaperones and to help with the planning.

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