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How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Help your cat lose weight with a few changes and a lot of love.


  • Step 1: Replace treats with praise and love.
  • TIP: Give them catnip as a non-food treat.
  • Step 2: Weigh your cat every four to six weeks to keep track of their progress.
  • FACT: Catnip is a perennial that is part of the mint family; it grows wild throughout North America.
  • Step 3: Say "no" to table scraps. Put your cat in a separate room when you are eating.
  • Step 4: Use a small food bowl and feed your cat two to four small portions daily.
  • Step 5: Give them plenty of exercise by supplying them with interactive toys.
  • Step 6: Provide them with a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fat.
  • TIP: Most dry cat food contains food coloring, sugar, and is low in protein.
  • Step 7: Visit your veterinarian for a thorough exam to rule out a metabolic disorder.

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