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How to Help Your Child Stick to a Gluten-Free Diet

Adults who have gluten allergies understand the importance of sticking to their gluten-free diets. But with kids, it's a different matter. Here are some ideas to help maintain a healthy diet.


  • TIP: Tell the child about the possibility of cross-contamination during food preparation. Vending machine products such as potato chips, for example, may be processed with non-gluten-free products.
  • Step 1: Pack gluten-free snacks if your child will be participating in after-school activities.
  • FACT: The first cafeteria was built in Los Angeles in the nineteenth century.
  • Step 2: Teach your child to recognize gluten-free foods. Should it ever happen that the child forgets to take their lunch, they will be on the look-out for fresh fruits and veggies, plain meat and poultry, and healthy drinks.
  • Step 3: Pack a lunch for your child to take to school. Even though school cafeterias are required to provide food options for children who have gluten allergies, a food service may not fully understand how to prepare gluten-free meals.
  • TIP: Have your child eat something at home before going to the party so they are not hungry if there are not enough gluten-free foods to go around.
  • Step 4: Contact the child's school and let the staff know that your child has a gluten allergy, and should not eat certain foods at school parties.
  • Step 5: Call the host if your child will be attending a birthday party to find out what foods will be served. Then tell your child which foods will be safe to eat.

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