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How to Hide a Hangover at Work

Had too much to drink last night but still have to show your face at work? Survive the morning after and hide your hangover with these ploys.


  • TIP: You can also plant the idea that it could be food poisoning.
  • Step 1: Try not to talk too much, especially around the boss. Your dull-wittedness might be a dead giveaway that you're trying to hide a hangover at work.
  • FACT: On a typical day, half a million Brits show up for work with a hangover, according to one report.
  • Step 2: Hide your hangover by pretending that you're getting sick. Many flu symptoms -- headache, fatigue, nausea -- are nearly indistinguishable from those of a hangover. Plus, your colleagues will want to avoid you if they think you have a bug, leaving you to vomit in peace.
  • Step 3: Pass on the coffee -- sports drinks and H2O, not caffeine, are the best way to rehydrate and restore blood sugar levels. If you're worried that conspicuously sucking down gallons of sports drinks might blow your cover, pour it into a coffee mug.
  • TIP: Put in eyedrops so you look bright-eyed even if you're not feeling bushy-tailed.
  • Step 4: Eat a bacon sandwich for breakfast. Researchers who studied its curative powers found that the bread's carbohydrates boost blood-sugar levels and speed up metabolism, and the bacon's amino acids help replenish neurotransmitters that the booze depleted.
  • Step 5: Take a shower, put on a nice outfit, and go through your usual grooming routine -- even if the world is spinning around you. Then get to work on time: dragging yourself in late won't get your cover-up off to a good start.

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