How to Honor Deceased Loved Ones on Grandparents Day

If your grandparents are no longer living, take time on Grandparents Day to remember them and their impact on your life.


  • Step 1: Light a memorial candle to the memory of your relatives. Observe a moment of silence as you light the candles. Then enjoy the opportunity to reunite with the departed spirits of your deceased relatives.
  • FACT: The 2000 United States Census reported there were 5.8 million grandparents in the U.S. who were living with grandchildren under the age of 18.
  • Step 2: Visit the cemetery where your deceased relatives are buried. Take in the surroundings, imagining that the deceased might be pleased with your presence at the grave site.
  • Step 3: Reserve a "seat of honor" for your deceased relative at the gathering. Decorate the chair with flowers.
  • TIP: Encourage guests to tell stories about the deceased.
  • Step 4: Tell young family members, who may not remember the deceased relatives, all about their relatives who have passed on. Describe characteristics, personalities, and the deceased grandparent's way of life.
  • Step 5: Have a family gathering to celebrate Grandparents Day. Place photos of the deceased relatives in a prominent place.

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