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How to Improve Your Spoken English

Learn tricks and tips to improve your spoken English and you'll soon find new confidence and success in your ability to communicate with others.


  • Step 1: Speak to native English speakers as much as you can. Hire a tutor if you can afford one, or place an ad offering an exchange with an English speaker who wants to learn your native language.
  • TIP: [Record yourself] Record yourself engaged in conversation in English for two to three minutes, and later use the recording to identify errors and to improve weak areas.
  • FACT: The English language evolved from Germanic roots.
  • Step 2: Start an English conversation club with others demonstrating commitment to improve their spoken English skills.
  • TIP: Sing along to songs you hear on the radio.
  • TIP: Repeat words and sentences you hear on TV.
  • Step 3: Play your way to speaking better English by engaging friends in playing English board games or card games.
  • Step 4: Read something in English daily and watch TV or listen to the radio to improve your vocabulary.
  • Step 5: Talk out loud to yourself when you are alone at home, and work on words and phrases you have trouble pronouncing until you feel at ease hearing yourself speak English.

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