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How to Install a Water Hammer Arrester in Your Plumbing System

Install a water hammer arrester to get rid of that annoying banging sound that happens every time you close a faucet.


  • Step 1: Clean both ends of the 2-inch pipe section and the connecting end of the reducing adapter and sweat the adapter to one end of the pipe section. Then sweat the other end of the pipe section to the top of the T-pipe.
  • Step 2: Wrap teflon tape around the threaded end of the arrester and screw it onto the nipple, tightening it with your wrench. Turn the water back on and inspect your work for leaks. Then open and close the valve that had the hammer problem. If you still hear water hammer in your plumbing, the problem may lie with another valve and you'll have to identify it and install another arrester.
  • FACT: Soldering flux removes oxides from the surface of copper and makes the solder and copper better able to fuse together.
  • Step 3: Disassemble the T-pipe and supply pipe, apply flux paste to all of the connecting areas, and sweat the pieces together with the torch and solder.
  • TIP: Make sure you get the right-sized pipe and fittings. Your plumbing will use either 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch copper pipes.
  • Step 4: Use the pipe cutter and cut through the supply pipe about a foot from the valve on the side leading to the fixture. Hold a bucket beneath the cut to catch the water contained in the pipe and then drain any residual water from the pipe.
  • TIP: You may have to cut into your wall if the plumbing for the fixture is behind it.
  • Step 5: Cut 1/2 inch from either side of the original cut, thoroughly dry both pipe ends with a rag, and clean them with the emery cloth until they shine. Use the wire brush to similarly clean the insides of the T-pipe and dry-fit the T-pipe and supply pipe ends together.
  • Step 6: Identify the valve or fixture that causes the water hammer and turn off the water supply to that source. If you can't isolate the water supply to that particular area, close the house's main shut-off valve.

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