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How To Interact With Your Ex’s New Family

The divorce is final and you’re living separate lives. Now you need to learn how to build a relationship with your ex's new spouse and children.


  • Step 1: Be patient. It takes time to get used to the parameters of any new relationship, especially ones with volatile histories.
  • Step 2: Build the life that you want by enjoying your favorite movies, participating in hobbies, or visiting with friends. Surround yourself with the things you need and love to carve your own path to your independence.
  • FACT: Some Pueblo Indian societies allowed women to divorce their husbands by setting his moccasins outside the front door.
  • TIP: Don't try to be your ex's best friend.
  • Step 3: Accept and support your ex’s new partner. You are not their spouse anymore, so don’t act like it.
  • TIP: Set ground rules for communication. Don’t use the children as go-betweens. Keep communication brief and to the point, and avoid emotionally charged issues.
  • Step 4: Maintain boundaries within your own household and respect your ex's boundaries. Make sure your ex and their new spouse are aware of your rules and household expectations.
  • Step 5: Behave in a courteous manner, even if you may not feel like it. Take the high road and ignore any disrespect from your ex.

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