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How To Know If You're Compatible With a Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is sympathetic, intuitive, and devoted. Find out if you are compatible with a Cancer woman and attracted to what she has to offer.


  • Step 1: Watch out for her unpredictable moods.
  • Step 2: Take advantage of her love for cooking and appreciation for food. Let her choose the restaurant or make the dinner.
  • FACT: The planetary ruler of Cancer is the moon.
  • Step 3: Empathize with a Cancer woman. Be sensitive to her feelings and help her express her emotions.
  • Step 4: Stay out of arguments if you're a Cancer. Avoiding confrontations is a characteristic of Cancer women. They tend to withdraw and become argumentative when threatened.
  • TIP: Compatible signs include Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.
  • Step 5: Let her know she is needed and appreciated to get on the good side of a Cancer woman.
  • Step 6: Embrace her loyalty and protectiveness and she will ensure happiness and security for her loved ones.
  • Step 7: Being emotionally supportive is a gift you will receive from a Cancer woman. She always knows how to cheer you up.

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