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How To Know If You're Compatible With a Capricorn Woman

She's supportive and caring, but you'd better not ask her why or she'll shut down. If you aren't the type who can take the uncommunicative nature of a Capricorn woman, you might not be compatible.


  • TIP: Though insular until she allows you into her close circle of family and friends, the Capricorn woman can be playful and a little wild in bed.
  • Step 1: Persevere with her if you are Capricorn, because you understand each other without having to explain anything. Though getting started will be slow, security is key to both and you'll be happy -- without being verbal.
  • FACT: President Ronald Reagan's wife Nancy regularly consulted with an astrologer for advice on his presidency.
  • Step 2: Court confusion and frustration if you're a Cancer with a Capricorn woman who shares some of your desires and values but is generally emotionally withdrawn. The Libra man, who uses humor to relieve worries about finances and social prestige, will not delight her either.
  • Step 3: Decline the opportunity to be with a Capricorn woman if you're a Gemini or Aries, as her need to mother you and preserve her security will result in fights, which trouble her more than they do you. She won't spar, so both of you will suffer.
  • Step 4: Avoid her if you find responsible, practical, ambitious, and cautious people too inhibiting.
  • Step 5: Help her fight her pessimistic nature through reward and recognition or outright praise and you will have a friend -- or lover -- for life. If you are a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, or Pisces man, and you help her succeed, she's your potential soul mate.
  • TIP: She will build relationships with older men or men of higher status, because she needs safety and assistance to climb the ladder to her security.
  • Step 6: Resist a Capricorn woman's attempts to show her love and instead push her to express it and you may frustrate her into withdrawing. She trusts substance and action more than words.

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