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How To Know If You're Compatible With a Gemini Man

Gemini, the twins sign, is said to have a split personality. If you enjoy an adventurous and ever-changing life, you may be in for a fun ride!


  • Step 1: Enjoy an almost perfect compatibility with a Gemini male if you are a Libra, but don't expect an easy ride. Luckily, you both love creating drama and fun, along with spending money, so it's a good thing you like to talk, since that might be all you can afford to do at times.
  • Step 2: Hit the ground running with a Gemini man if you are a Leo. Dig all the flash, humor, and drama you can create, but only if you are unaffected by his flirtatious nature.
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  • Step 3: Run for the hills if you are a Sagittarius. Your Gemini man is defensive or intellectually haphazard instead of debating you with passion, wit, and humor. Your strength can intimidate him. If the inevitable sexual explosion makes up for that, you're a great match.
  • Step 4: Go with the flow if you're a Pisces, and the rush of a Gemini man will be exhilarating. Always deferring to and pleasing his whims, as a sort of human chameleon, you may absorb his qualities.
  • TIP: Gemini men are not shallow -- only so immersed in the details that the big picture, and the future, don't seem important.
  • Step 5: Create sparks, fun, and dynamic action if you are a Gemini woman with a Gemini man. Understand, though, that the superficial nature of the sex and your mutual addiction to hectic, disorganized energy can drain the life out of the affair.
  • Step 6: Act unpredictably with a Gemini to spice things up, because he will need a constantly changing environment. But this instability will frustrate a Taurus in no time, even if her temperament balances him otherwise.
  • Step 7: Look for fresh sources of stimulation and adventure and you will likely find a Gemini man. The emotional opposite of a Cancer woman, who is more routine, private, and stable, the Gemini man will also frustrate Scorpio and Capricorn, who may feel the need to control him.

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