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How To Know If You're Compatible With a Pisces Woman

If you're an Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn or Taurus, this is your lucky day; you're most compatible with a Pisces woman!


  • Step 1: Have Capricorn as your zodiac sign and you will be an ideal match for the Pisces woman, who will match your sense of stability and your practical nature.
  • Step 2: Discover your compatibility with a Pisces woman if you're a Taurus because of the Pisces' easygoing disposition, allowing you to take the lead.
  • FACT: Philosopher Carl Jung believed that astrology could inform us about the human mind.
  • TIP: Even though Scorpio and Pisces make a good team, the Pisces woman needs to be aware of her Scorpio's possessive nature.
  • Step 3: Being a Scorpio, know that your sting may be compatible with the Pisces woman, based on the belief that opposites attract. The Pisces woman will be able to bring Scorpio's most hidden thoughts to the surface, thus gaining trust that usually doesn't come easy.
  • TIP: While Pisces pairs up nicely with an Aries, Aries will need to use caution when it comes to critical comments to maintain harmony in the relationship.
  • Step 4: Be a considerate and sympathetic Cancer and you'll be a compatible match for the considerate and similarly sympathetic Pisces. Both Cancer and Pisces are resourceful when it comes to their nest egg, making the duo quite a pair.
  • Step 5: Be reliable and a decision maker to be compatible with a Pisces woman if you are an Aries.

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