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How To Know If You're Compatible With an Aquarius Woman

She has so much confidence she's like one of the guys -- only smarter, more articulate, and tougher. If you want to challenge that, she'd love to debate you, and she doesn't lose very often.


  • Step 1: Play with your Aquarius mate if you're a Libra, because you have the right amount of curiosity and flexibility to suit her. Don't push her, or she'll bolt the other way just to throw you off.
  • Step 2: Accept her friendship on her terms. Leo or Cancer won't like that, needing more intimacy than she's inclined to give, but she believes in friendship and will want to keep that even if you split.
  • FACT: In most cultures, Aquarius is drawn as a man pouring water from a bucket.
  • Step 3: Know she's interested in you not by what endearment she expresses, but because she spends time with you. Aquarius women don't waste time with men, and they expect you to understand what that means.
  • Step 4: Debate her if you like a good battle. She's clear, rational, and tough intellectually, so Virgo, Aries, and Gemini men appeal to her for their minds. She doesn't take any of it personally, being more concerned that everyone have the chance to voice their opinion.
  • TIP: Aquarius women may challenge everything you say just to watch you squirm, maneuver, and defend yourself as she cross-examines you for fun.
  • Step 5: Take offense and the Aquarius woman may show contempt. Scorpio especially has trouble handling her blunt words, which are hard to forgive. She cares more about the big picture than your feelings. She'll take up your cause because she fights for the underdog.
  • Step 6: Expect to be challenged sexually, especially if you're a Pisces, Taurus, or Cancer. Aquarius women are uninhibited, athletic, fun, and creative.
  • Step 7: Don't try to engage the Aquarius woman in small talk -- she is a rebel, intentionally mysterious and observant, so she can't be bothered. Everything you do or say better have some meaning.

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