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How To Know If You're Compatible With an Aries Woman

She's tough, sexy, intellectually interesting, and demanding. You may like the Aries woman, but can you keep up with her?


  • Step 1: Look to the past, as Cancers will, and run afoul of the Aries woman, who is always in the future. Act sensitive and you're on the wrong page again, though in the love department you will hold her attention if you don't criticize her or ask her to explain herself.
  • Step 2: Give the Aries woman a run for her money if you're a Sagittarius, one of the best matches in terms of personality, outlook, and desires. You don't take things personally and the heat makes the sex that much more irresistible for both.
  • FACT: Claudius Ptolemy wrote the earliest astrological textbook, the _Tetrabiblos_, in the second century CE.
  • TIP: Aries women tend to live for the moment.
  • Step 3: Move faster if you're a Capricorn. You're way too settled and clear for Aries women, who want some push back and like a little confusion, as long as they're controlling it.
  • Step 4: Indulge her like a Pisces and earn contempt. Lecture her and get resistance -- if she doesn't simply ignore you. She wants interaction and shared ideas, but you'd better make your case and stand your ground.
  • Step 5: Compete with her and she will either dominate or run away. A Taurus's sensible nature is an electrical ground, but that will only turn her off. Taurus's fiscally conservative habits are needed in the relationship, which means she won't impulsively spend everything, but she also might not stay.
  • Step 6: Join her if you're a Gemini and she will find you intellectually challenging and will learn from you, though don't expect her to give that away. You can get along well if you agree to disagree.
  • Step 7: Prepare for intense, hot, and rocky moments with an Aries woman, who can intimidate because of her decisive nature. Another Aries, who won't be put off, may also bump heads with her for control.

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