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How To Know If You’ve Been Sleepwalking on Ambien

It’s the best-selling sleeping pill in America, but Ambien may be causing some folks to do pretty strange things. Are you one of them?


  • Step 1: Ask loved ones if you’ve been behaving strangely lately—like engaging them in bizarre, middle-of-the-night conversations and then vehemently denying the chats.
  • TIP: If you like to wash down your Ambien with wine – don’t. One previously well-mannered gentleman began threatening to kill his fellow airline passengers after mixing an Ambien with two of those cute little in-flight bottles of wine.
  • Step 2: If any of the behaviors outlined apply to you, you might want to start counting sheep instead of taking a sleeping pill.
  • FACT: The use of prescription sleeping pills by people ages 20 to 44 doubled from 2000 to 2004.
  • TIP: If you find yourself outdoors wearing nothing but your birthday suit, that’s a warning sign, too.
  • Step 3: Check your underwear for signs that you’ve soiled yourself. Alas, public urination has emerged as one of the more embarrassing side effects of an Ambien-induced stupor.
  • TIP: If weight gain has gone hand-in-hand with your Ambien use, be leery. One unsuspecting woman went from a size one to a size 12, allegedly from Ambien-related sleep-eating.
  • Step 4: Check your odometer before you turn in for an Ambien night, then see if the mileage is higher the next morning. If you find your car inexplicably wrapped around a lamppost three blocks away, that’s a red flag, too.
  • TIP: Ambien users might want to have a loved one lock up the keys to the car: The Society of Forensic Toxicologists found that Ambien was one of the top 10 drugs found in the blood of impaired drivers.
  • Step 5: Keep an eye out for new clothes, accessories, and miscellaneous doo-dads that you don’t recall buying. A respected Navy officer was arrested for shoplifting a DVD and a candle in an alleged Ambien fog.
  • Step 6: Compare the condition of your kitchen in the morning with its condition when you went to bed. If chicken bones and empty Oreo boxes have magically appeared, you may be eating in your sleep – especially if you live alone!

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