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How to Know When Enough Is Enough

If you've ever kept going in the face of adversity, it's sometimes hard to know whether you're never say die attitude is a form of optimism or a form of self-abuse. Figure out when to call it quits on a relationship, business endeavor, or investment.


  • Step 1: Pull the plug on your dream and never look back if you find out your goal requires you to compromise your morals and values.
  • Step 2: Delay quitting if you're not committed to giving up the habit you're trying to break. Full commitment includes telling others you're quitting, and for many people, it includes seeking the help of a counselor or support group.
  • FACT: Sarah Palin had enough and stepped down after 2 years on the job as Alaska's governor on July 26, 2009. She said it was best to leave early, instead of "milking it."
  • TIP: Pour your energy into looking for a new position.
  • Step 3: Give up on a job once you feel you've learned all you can there, and you've had a conversation with your boss or another superior that makes it clear there's no room for advancement. It's not worth staying in a job you hate if there's no chance to improve conditions or move up.
  • TIP: Listen to advice from trustworthy people who have your best interests in mind. Everyone needs second opinions.
  • Step 4: Leave a destructive relationship if you've made a decent effort to have several honest conversations with your partner, but none of the things that aren't working in the relationship have changed.
  • Step 5: Protect yourself from overdoing it when exercising -- more is not always better. Ignore the no-pain-no-gain philosophy and stop when it hurts. If you don't, you risk an injury that could keep you immobile.
  • Step 6: Throw in the towel if you've worked tirelessly and haven't seen anywhere near the results you were expecting to have had by this point.

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