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How to Know Which Celebrity Hairstyle is Right For You

Bangs or bobs, razored ends or beachy waves. The options are endless. Take the guesswork out of which celeb's do is the one for you with these tips on what to try and what to avoid.


  • Step 1: Soften the angles of a diamond face, like Rihanna, with her draping bangs and sweeping lines. Avoid very short hair with too much volume on top.
  • Step 2: Add width to an oblong face with tousled waves and volume on the sides like Sarah Jessica Parker or Gisele Bundchen. Avoid blunt cut bangs, very short styles, or hair that goes past your collarbone, which will just drag you down.
  • FACT: The long, layered cut worn by Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel on _Friends_ in the '90s was emulated by more than 11 million woman throughout the show's run and is one of the most popular hairstyles of all time.
  • Step 3: Add long, side-swept bangs to long layers to flatter a heart-shaped face, like Reese Witherspoon or Christina Ricci. Avoid a bare forehead, which will widen your face.
  • Step 4: Try a short, tousled style like Halle Berry, long, loose layers like Kate Hudson, or off your face styles like Jada Pinkett Smith if you have an oval face. Long, short, or in between, almost every style looks great on you with the exception of bangs and short layers.
  • TIP: A center part draws the eye up, giving your face a longer appearance.
  • Step 5: Go for the long, sleek layers favored by Jennifer Aniston or loose ringlets like Salma Hayek to soften the angles in a square face. Avoid stick-straight, blunt cuts, angled bobs, and blunt-cut bangs.
  • Step 6: Keep it simple and sleek with as little volume as possible on the sides if you have a round face like Ginnifer Goodwin or Renee Zellweger. Avoid very short hair, which emphasizes fullness. A mid-length bob or long hair with layers that start below the chin will help elongate your face.

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