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How to Learn the Top Container Gardening Tips

Gardening in containers requires its own strategies. Use this guide to make sure your container gardening is a success.


  • Step 1: Use compost in your containers. Compost drains easily without leaking nutrients. And when you're done planting, don't forget to smell the flowers.
  • FACT: Nebuchadrezzar II built the hanging gardens of Babylon for his wife, who was homesick for her mountainous homeland.
  • Step 2: Use containers that retain water with hanging plants. Hanging plants dry out faster because they have greater exposure to air.
  • Step 3: Line clay pots with peat moss and compost to keep their natural tendency to leak in check.
  • TIP: As an alternative, cover the containers with burlap sacks.
  • Step 4: Place heavy plants on small wheeled platforms. You will be able to move them around easily as the growing season progresses.
  • Step 5: Use light-colored containers if you live in a hot climate. Light is reflected by the container so the plant's roots remain cool.

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