How to Let Loose and Have Fun

Don't let stress keep you from having fun. Shrug off that tension and get back to living and relaxing with family and friends.


  • Step 1: Get down to your favorite songs in the car. Don't worry about what you look like, just let the stress melt away and have fun doing it.
  • Step 2: Do something simple that makes you happy every day. You'll feel the tension melt away.
  • FACT: A 2008 study revealed the average worker in Germany works 350 fewer hours per year than the average American worker.
  • TIP: Take a moment to just sit and relax with your thoughts and clear your mind, don't look at this as wasting time.
  • Step 3: Schedule some down time either during the day or during a vacation. Sight-seeing is fine, but a vacation is no good if you return home more tired than before you left.
  • Step 4: Relax the expectations you set on yourself and other people around you -- you're all only human. Look for solutions to your problems instead of stewing on the mistakes already made.
  • TIP: Avoid trying to control every situation.
  • Step 5: Break or bend a few rules occasionally. Don't put other people's lives at risk by driving too fast, but taking the kids to an amusement park on a school day can be liberating and fun for everyone.
  • Step 6: Surrender those electronic devices that keep you bound to your work. Make it a priority to turn off the cell phone and the laptop at the end of the day or when on vacation and do things with family and friends instead.

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