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How to Live a Bohemian Lifestyle

Bohemianism is about living beyond conventions. It is the way you lead your life; it is the way you think; and it is an atmosphere you create.


  • Step 1: Pursue your passion and don't worry about money. When you have it, spend it or give it away. And don't forget to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • FACT: Giacomo Puccini's opera "La Boheme" debuted in Turin, Italy, on February 1, 1896.
  • Step 2: Adopt an air of informality with people you barely know. Be on a first-name basis with strangers. Bohemianism is the antidote to oppressive, stratified societies.
  • Step 3: Choose friendships and love affairs without regard to what others think. Bohemians were early advocates of open sexual freedom.
  • TIP: Nineteenth century gypsies were often associated with palm reading, tarot cards, strange music, and dancing bears.
  • Step 4: Occupy an alternative living space and ignore social conventions. The free-thinking beatniks of the 1950s made San Francisco's North Beach their home.
  • Step 5: Recognize that the term Bohemian probably originated in 19th-century France to describe the bands of free-living gypsies who had made their way to that country from Romania via Bohemia -- later known as the Czech Republic.

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