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How to Live a Nomadic Life

If you feel the urge to take a leap into the unknown and give up what is familiar in favor of new adventures, the life of the nomad may be for you.


  • TIP: Be a good houseguest by bringing your own sleeping bag and pillow so as to not put out potential hosts.
  • Step 1: Stay in touch with family and friends from time to time. Make video calls online at internet cafes or send emails or postcards. This way the people who are important to you will know that you are alive and well!
  • FACT: Nomad, a 2005 historical epic filmed in Kazakhstan, earned a 2007 Golden Globe nomination for its score upon its American release.
  • Step 2: Accept that travel has its ups and downs, and that your journey won't always feel like a carefree vacation. Be flexible, shrug off setbacks, and focus on enjoying the new experiences and lifestyle you are creating.
  • Step 3: Make the most of your vagabond quest by making a list of dream destinations. Look for opportunities to visit the places on your list as you drift about the country and the world.
  • Step 4: Sell or rent your home if you can't afford to pay for an abode you're not using. Enjoy the liberation that comes along with not being tied to one place.
  • Step 5: Travel lightly with only the items you will use and need. Keep only items you can easily carry in one backpack or, at the most, what you can fit in the trunk of your car. Put important items, such as family heirlooms and other treasures, in storage.
  • TIP: Give what you don't need to charity or friends to lighten your load and increase your good karma.
  • Step 6: Tender your resignation at work. If you don't have a sizeable savings or aren't willing to live off the land, find employment that you can do as a traveler. Consider finding a telecommuting post or seeking seasonal employment or odd jobs on the road.

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