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How to Live a Rich Lifestyle

If you would like to feel wealthier than you actually are, learn to live cheap and look rich.


  • Step 1: Learn to haggle. If an expensive item in a store remains unsold for several months, ask the shop owner if they will take less than the marked price to clear the item from the floor.
  • Step 2: Make repairs around the house as soon as things begin to look run-down. Remember -- a large part of experiencing a wealthy life is simply feeling wealthy.
  • FACT: Since its inception in 1967, the New York Lottery has generated more than $25 billion in revenue.
  • Step 3: Scour auctions and estate sales. You may be able to purchase the trappings of wealth at bargain prices.
  • Step 4: Buy at wholesale prices. Use the internet and warehouse stores to buy expensive items at lower prices.
  • Step 5: Look for travel deals. Travel auction websites, remaindered airline tickets, and home-swapping services will all help you get to where you want to go –- at an affordable price
  • Step 6: Volunteer at charity bashes. You'll be able to hang out with the glitterati for at least one evening. Just make sure that the events are the ones at which you should see and be seen.
  • TIP: Blend in by being well-groomed and courteous to everyone. And never talk about money.
  • Step 7: Buy with an eye for quality. High-end merchandise costs more, but it also lasts longer. Stick with buying clothing or furniture in classic styles and colors -- the classics never go out of style. Buy fewer pieces but make each purchase count.

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