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How to Live a Romantic Life

Even if you're not exactly Casanova, these tips will help you attract and entertain that special someone for an evening or over a whole weekend.


  • TIP: Don't control things too much, if something doesn't go as planned just roll with the punches.
  • Step 1: Make time to be together, no matter what. Grab lunch together, curl up on the couch with a movie, or talk over a glass of wine to reveal yourself as a true romantic.
  • FACT: According to legend, Casanova ate 50 oysters each morning because they were believed to be a aphrodisiac.
  • Step 2: Be adventurous together. Plan a camping trip, a sailing excursion, or a fun trip to an amusement park or carnival -- just create happy memories together.
  • Step 3: Dig up fond memories with a trip down memory lane. Revisit an old hang out, have dinner at the same table as you did on your first date, or renew your wedding vows in a private ceremony.
  • Step 4: Embrace your corny side with confidence by giving flowers, candy, or setting up a candlelight dinner. Sure it may be cliche, but cliches often work the best.
  • Step 5: Perform small gestures to show you care. A simple back massage, a little note in the morning, or a small gift for no reason shows that you're thinking of them when they're not around.
  • TIP: Money can't buy happiness or romance, so don't think spending more will make things more romantic.
  • Step 6: Look romantic with sharp clothes and a well-groomed appearance. Primp and brush your hair. Guys, shave or trim that scraggly beard. Ladies, add a little makeup to highlight your natural beauty.

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