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How to Live Alone and Stay Safe

Living alone requires that you take appropriate safety precautions -- especially if you are a woman. Here's how.


  • Step 1: If you are dating, meet your dates at a safe outside location rather than having them come to your home. Consider double-dating if you're being set up through a friend.
  • Step 2: Think twice before you use online and mobile applications that broadcast your whereabouts on social-networking sites. Use common sense, and you'll stay secure.
  • FACT: According to U.S. Census Bureau data for 2009, 96 million, or about 43 percent of all American adults, are unmarried.
  • Step 3: Never open the door to a stranger. Have a friend come by if you need to bring in a repairman or plumber.
  • TIP: Leave a $20 bill near the door in a visible place when you go out. If the money is missing when you return, don't go in.
  • Step 4: Don't tell strangers that you live alone. Avoid making unnecessary comments about your living situation, and don't leave a lot of personal information on your telephone answering machine.
  • Step 5: Let a family member or close friend know your comings and goings. Tell them who you are going out with, where you are going, and when you will be back.
  • Step 6: Change the locks when you move into a new place. Install security devices such as a deadbolt lock and door and window alarms.

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