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How to Live Alone Safely as a Senior Citizen

If you are a senior citizen and live by yourself, follow these steps to maintain your independence and safety.


  • Step 1: Don't allow strangers in your home. Senior citizens are often targets for crime and fraud.
  • Step 2: Arrange for a trusted family member or friend to visit regularly. Regular visits will make for great company and safe living.
  • FACT: Researchers in Massachusetts have developed a robot assistant for the elderly. The robot can dial 911, remind clients to take their medication, and help with grocery shopping.
  • Step 3: Get to know your local law enforcement officers and make them aware that you live alone.
  • Step 4: Remove hazards in your home that can cause injury. Rugs that slide or slippery floors can lead to falls and cause serious injury.
  • TIP: Consider getting a dog. A dog can be a great companion as a well as deterrent to an intruder.
  • Step 5: Install safety features like hand rails, smoke alarms, and proper lighting to reduce the potential for accidents in your home.
  • TIP: Use a timer when cooking. A loud timer will remind you when your meal is done and will increase safety against fires in your home.
  • Step 6: Protect your home with dead bolt locks and alarm systems. Dead bolt locks and alarm systems make criminals think twice about invading your home.

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