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How to Live an Authentic Life

Dare to create an authentic life based on unity of your thoughts, words, and actions and you'll experience genuine purpose and live a fulfilling existence.


  • TIP: Ask friends and family to help you identify your best qualities.
  • Step 1: Make time to take care of your body, expand your mind, and nurture your spirit in order to have more to share from the richness within.
  • Step 2: Give from an authentic sense of generosity and serve others from an inner well of love. Share your true self, purpose, and talents with integrity and you will live an authentic life beginning today.
  • FACT: Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life, published in 2002, has been called the best-selling hardcover nonfiction title is American history.
  • Step 3: Appreciate your strengths and honor your positive characteristics, then find ways to express these authentic qualities in sharing them with others.
  • Step 4: Increase awareness of your inner wisdom by spending time alone in contemplation, communing with nature, or practicing exercise to quiet the mind.
  • Step 5: Be willing to remove your mask and show others your true self. This honesty will help you live in harmony with the core of your real self.
  • TIP: Look inward for life satisfaction.
  • Step 6: Have the courage to stand up for your personal credo and act upon those beliefs with integrity, regardless of circumstances, or what others say.
  • Step 7: Pay attention to your inner voice to connect to ideas that illuminate your purpose and define your authentic life journey.

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