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How to Live Dangerously

Throw caution to the wind and learn to live dangerously with these bold behaviors.


  • Step 1: If you have children, let them play outdoors unmonitored. Statistically speaking your children would have to be left outside unattended for 750,000 hours in order to be kidnapped. They're more likely to be hurt playing in the house! Besides, living dangerously should start early.
  • FACT: According to research from the year 2000, thrill-seekers inherit 60 percent of their daredevil tendencies genetically.
  • Step 2: Don’t bother rinsing chicken before cooking it; the heat from cooking will kill any bacteria. Rinsing it, on the other hand, transfers bacteria to your sink, where it could end up on foods you’re not planning to cook.
  • Step 3: Go swimming right after you’ve eaten. A study of drowning accidents found that less than 1 percent involved someone who had just eaten a meal.
  • Step 4: Go outside without a hat in cold weather: Contrary to popular belief, you do not lose most of your body heat through your head. If you really want to live dangerously, leave the house with your hair still wet; you’ll probably feel cold, but you won’t increase your odds of catching one.
  • TIP: Although many colds occur in the winter months, there is no evidence that you can get a cold from exposure to cold weather.
  • Step 5: Skip the anti-bacterial soap and just wash your hands with good, old-fashioned glycerin soap and water -- it’s just as effective at killing germs.

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