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How To Look Sexy in Lingerie

Look as good as an underwear model -- okay, almost as good -- with these tips and tricks.


  • Step 1: Look taller and thinner, and give the illusion of thin thighs, in nightgowns or teddies with side slits.
  • Step 2: Replace your bedtime sweats and T-shirts with a matching camisole and tap-pants. You'll be just as comfortable in bed -- but a thousand times sexier!
  • FACT: Men rated the all-lace bra as the sexiest kind in one survey.
  • Step 3: Hide larger hips and cellulite with a version of the corset that extends to the top of the thighs.
  • Step 4: Play up long legs in a baby-doll nightie; sheer ones are particularly alluring. If you're large-breasted, get one with a built-in underwire bra.
  • TIP: When trying on a bra, lean forward; if you fill up the cups, it's a good fit.
  • Step 5: When you buy a new bra, purchase matching panties. And forget what's trendy; buy what looks good on you. Boy shorts made with Lycra trim hips and thighs; high-waisted Lycra briefs or panties that dip in front prevent muffin top.
  • Step 6: Invest in a beautiful corset or bustier; these strapless wonders are universally-flattering. Besides looking amazing in the bedroom, it can sex up a jeans-and- blazer ensemble. A silk camisole can also perform double duty.
  • Step 7: Have a bra fitting at a lingerie shop; the most beautiful bra in the world won't look sexy if it doesn't fit well. Small-chested women benefit from underwire bras with a little padding or a push-up bra, while busty ladies should look for a well-constructed cup rather than relying on straps for support.

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