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How To Make a Baby-Pee Shield

Make your son's diaper changes a little less messy by making a shield that'll protect you from an unexpected spray.


  • Step 1: Use a needle and thread to secure the cloth around the edges of the sponge and to join the two pieces in the back. Cut off any excess cloth.
  • Step 2: Place the cup gently over your son's private parts during diaper changes to keep both of you dry. Wash it on your washer's gentlest cycle, or hand wash when necessary.
  • FACT: In infants, nerve centers in the spinal cord prompt urination without the involvement of the brain. As children develop, their brain helps regulate the urination urge.
  • TIP: Decorate your cloth with machine-washable iron-on decals before wrapping it around the shell.
  • Step 3: Press a cotton or microfiber cloth firmly around the edges of the sponge and then pull the ends around the back of the shell, folding one end of the cloth under the other.
  • Step 4: Stuff a super-absorbent sponge into the plastic shell.
  • TIP: Try using a bath sponge, which tends to be fuller and more absorbent than kitchen sponges.
  • Step 5: Form the base of the baby-pee shield with a concave, oval-shaped shell. Break off the scooping end of a large plastic kitchen ladle or use half of a large plastic Easter egg.

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