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How to Make a Backwards Spinning Scary Clock

A unique party decoration isn't always easy to come by. Make a clock that will keep everyone talking.


  • Step 1: Make a minute hand out of cardboard or any other rigid material and affix to the cog with a nut and glue.
  • Step 2: Screw the project box directly into the center of the piece of wood.
  • TIP: The dowels should allow for enough space for the project box to fit under the clock face with the cog sticking out over the face.
  • Step 3: Drill a hole in the project box and run speaker wire. Connect the 3-volt power supply to the motor leads. Put the project box lid on the unit and seal.
  • TIP: If the clock is not running backward, the wires are reversed. Switch the wires to reverse the movement.
  • FACT: The most expensive watch, without gems, is the Patek Phillipe Supercomplication, made in 1932 for Henry Graves Jr, which sold at auction for $11 million.
  • Step 4: Run green Christmas lights around the wood dowels allowing enough cord hanging to plug it in. Hang the clock in a prominent location for party goers or trick-or-treaters to see, and enjoy their reactions.
  • Step 5: Drill four holes into the wood, at places directly under the clock face, for dowels to fit into. Place the wood dowels into the holes with wood glue.
  • Step 6: Paint a piece of wood for mounting all of the parts to.
  • TIP: The wires should remain intact at the motor. Be careful when snipping these -- they are fragile.
  • Step 7: Locate the 3-volt motor with a red and black wire coming from either side. Snip the wires from the battery contacts.
  • Step 8: Grind down the driver cog of the cassette player using a rotary tool with a grinding head. Place a steel-threaded connector on the end of the cog -- it should fit snugly.
  • Step 9: Fit the cassette motor into an electronics project box and glue or screw it into place. The cog should be above the lip of the project box.
  • Step 10: Drill a hole in the center of the lid for the cog. Use paint to create a clock face with 13 increments every 30 degrees. Paint the number 13 at the top of the face and an hour hand pointing to it.
  • TIP: You may need to trim away pieces from the motor or place wood spacers under it to raise it within the project box.
  • Step 11: Open the cassette player with a screw driver to access the internal parts.

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