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How To Make a Corset

Emphasize your lovely shape or create it with a sexy corset you can make yourself.


  • Step 1: Align your ruler an inch from the edge of your left center front, using your fabric crayon to mark every inch from the top down the front. Repeat on the right side. Cut very small holes in each mark, or the eyelets won't seat.
  • Step 2: Insert eyelets into the holes, smooth side up on the outer side. Lay the inside surface into the anvil, gently hammering the setting tool into it to lock the eyelet. Repeat all the way down both panels.
  • TIP: [Connect with lace] Connect panels and lace in a crossing pattern, using a long piece of ribbon. Look hot!
  • FACT: Into the mid-1800s, some men of the aristocracy wore corsets, too, for fashion, as well as to support their bellies and chests.
  • Step 3: Pin the right sides of your lining to your fashion fabric. Sew them together, leaving a gap to turn your corset right side out. Iron the fabric to keep the edges crisp.
  • TIP: On the outer side of your fashion fabric, top-stitch around the edge of your corset using a decorative stitch to add embellishment.
  • Step 4: Draft the pattern on craft paper and cut it out. Lay the pattern onto your fashion fabric and carefully pin it down.
  • TIP: Read up on drawing and designing clothes or take a small design class to learn some basic ways to make patterns.
  • Step 5: Trace an inch outside the pattern, using a fabric crayon to allow for your seams, then cut out your pattern. Lay the pattern on your lining fabric and repeat the process.
  • Step 6: Measure your bust, waist, and hips with the aid of a good friend, then go from armpit to waist for the corset length. Subtract from your body measurements to create space between the laces.

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