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How To Make a Duct Tape Dress

Your idea of formal fashion will never be the same again. Use several colors of tape for a rainbow effect and don’t forget your accessories.


  • Step 1: Make duct tape accessories that highlight your dress.
  • Step 2: Wear a thin bodysuit underneath your dress, and have a friend help you put it on. You're ready for a big night out!
  • FACT: Duct tape was originally used by the American military during World War II to keep moisture out of ammunition cases.
  • Step 3: Cut the sheets of duct tape according to your pattern, leaving a 2-inch margin on each side to stick pieces together. Fold strips of tape onto your sheets to hold them together, and tuck in exposed edges to create seams and hems.
  • Step 4: Either tape the sticky sides of the sheets together, or cover the adhesive sides of the sheets with a smooth layer of fabric.
  • Step 5: Take careful measurements of your bust line and torso, as well as arm and leg lengths.
  • Step 6: Cut long strips of tape with a sharp pair of scissors. Overlap these strips by about 1 inch to make sheets of duct tape fabric.
  • TIP: Consider varying the color of your bodice and skirt for a two-tone dress, or blend the colors into an intricate design.
  • Step 7: Sketch your design on a piece of paper and make a pattern. Consider a short A-line cocktail dress or a more dramatic – and difficult – long, frilly ball gown.

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