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How to Make a Small Apartment Seem Bigger

Small apartment cramping your style? Check out some tips to make your space seem bigger.


  • Step 1: Remove the doors and hinges from any kitchen cabinet above eye-level -- the open shelves allow visitors to see all the way to the wall, creating a sense of depth in a small apartment.
  • Step 2: Finished making your apartment seem bigger? Keep your living space clean -- clutter can make a space feel overcrowded and cramped, no matter what size it is.
  • FACT: In 2010, a 55 square-foot apartment in Rome went on sale for about $65,000.
  • TIP: Attach wheels to the bottom of furniture to make moving pieces easier.
  • Step 3: Consider different arrangements for furniture. Place the largest pieces against the wall to avoid blocking walkways; try angling other pieces diagonally to draw the eye across the room's longest part.
  • TIP: Choose drapes that are the same color as your wall to obscure where the window ends and the wall begins.
  • Step 4: Choose furniture that serves multiple functions, like a storage chest that doubles as a coffee table. Look for furnishings that have high legs -- the open space underneath will make the room seem bigger.
  • Step 5: Light your space well to make it seem bigger. To free up floor space, install wall sconces rather than lamps. Paint floors white to reflect the light, and hang floor-length curtains on the edges of your windows.

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