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How To Make a YouTube Video

You can make a popular original video for YouTube on a small budget. All you will need is a digital camera, a web cam, or a cell phone. You can even make a YouTube video without a camera.


  • FACT: As of 2009, YouTube’s all-time most popular video was “Charlie Bit My Finger -- Again,” a funny baby video with over 150 million viewers.
  • Step 1: Transfer your video to your computer via a Firewire or USB cable. Plug one end of the cable to your camera and the other end into the computer port.
  • TIP: YouTube has a 2-gigabyte video size limit and a 10-minute length limit for non-premium users.
  • Step 2: Read the YouTube Handbook for video production tips including basic camera moves, camera placement, and basic lighting. Shoot your video.
  • Step 3: Upload your video to your YouTube account by clicking on the Upload link on the top right corner of the page. Click on Upload a Video and find the video’s location on your computer and then click on the video.
  • TIP: All uploaded YouTube videos are at a low resolution of 640-by-480 -- even videos made with expensive, high-definition equipment.
  • Step 4: Find or buy a device that records YouTube videos. Web cams are the cheapest alternative, but check if you already own a YouTube-compatible device like a cell phone with a video recording feature or a digital camera with a video mode.
  • TIP: Create a bare bones YouTube video without a camera if your computer comes with slide-creation software like PowerPoint.
  • Step 5: Use Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie editing software to add titles, effects, transitions, music, and narration. These programs are preloaded on newer computers. Read tutorials at Microsoft and Apple websites.
  • Step 6: Visit the Community Guidelines page to know the rules and legalities of submitting videos to YouTube. Pick a popular subject for your video.
  • Step 7: Visit YouTube’s Video Toolbox for tips from experts on how to make your video look more professional and thus more popular with your target audience.

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