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How to Make Christmas Yard Decorations

Rig some original Christmas yard decorations and set yourself apart from the usual inflatables that populate the block.


  • TIP: Devise a theme or color scheme for the display.
  • Step 1: Put lit candles in bagged luminaries lining the driveway throughout the Christmas season. Happy Holidays.
  • FACT: In 2007, an energy company in Brazil set the record for the tallest Christmas tree made of lights -- it measure 361 feet tall and consisted of 37,000 red-hot lights and 2,000 strobe lights.
  • Step 2: Stuff discarded clothing and shoes to make human forms holding hands in a ring around a lighted Christmas tree. Wrap them in hats and scarves to imply snuggled faces. Staple the mittens, hand-to-hand, for stability and the appearance of a family joined.
  • Step 3: Follow do-it-yourself instructions from online manuals and trace templates on plywood to make Santa, reindeer, or other figures. Draw in features using a second set of cutouts. Paint and cut holes in the wood to insert lights.
  • TIP: Animate the figures electrically if you're real creative or ambitious, and pipe in Christmas music.
  • Step 4: Collect old drumsticks to make snowflakes. Paint the sticks white and glue them to the together at the center. Wrap them in small twinkle lights and hang the contraption from a lawn tree branch.
  • Step 5: Convert exercise balls and other smaller sports balls from the garage into snowballs by covering each in paper mache and white spray paint. Glue them together and use the usual top hat and long scarf. Arrange felt scraps for a face.
  • Step 6: Build a nativity scene inside a large cardboard box, opened on one side and painted to resemble a rustic stable, with straw for a floor. Use a baby doll for the infant and clothing around shaped wire frames for Mary and Joseph. Illuminate with a small floodlight.

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