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How to Make Money from Travel

Widen your horizons and see the world, and you may even come away with a few extra bucks in the process.


  • Step 1: Work as a travel scout, traveling to exotic corners of the world for all-expenses-paid travel and accommodations. Research opportunities to make money with photography or to write recommendations for tour operators and travel agents.
  • Step 2: Convince management in your current job that telecommuting saves money on an office. Be available for phone conferencing and to consult on problems, but otherwise make the world your office.
  • Step 3: Sign on to crew on a ship or as a cruise boat worker. In exchange for pitching in on the sea, enjoy the gorgeous vistas and exotic locales.
  • Step 4: Freelance as a location scout, imaginatively interpreting and fulfilling a director's vision for scenes in a production. Learn the demands of film work on a tight schedule and develop an eye for unusual and accessible areas to shoot.
  • TIP: Being fluent in languages will improve your options.
  • Step 5: Blog for websites or write articles for magazines, newspapers, or online travel sites and tour books, but be prepared for strict deadlines, high pressure, and competition. Get some experience in journalism first to make any real money.
  • TIP: Having training credentials, personal experience, or a degree in a professional field may ensure better pay.
  • Step 6: Find opportunities as a teacher overseas, which are advertised all over. Make money as a ski instructor or sports coach. Travel as a model, if you have the looks and have compiled a portfolio.
  • Step 7: Get licensed as a tour guide. Create and conduct historical, food, ethnic, celebrity, or ghost tours locally.
  • FACT: In 2009, travel was directly responsible for over 7 million American jobs, according to an industry executive.

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