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How to Make Money with Twitter

While you probably shouldn't quit your day job, there is some extra cash to be made with 140 characters or less.


  • Step 1: Know that offers are based on your number of followers and how often they click through to the links posted on your Twitter page.
  • Step 2: Refer others to the sponsored tweet program and some companies will pay you a percentage of your referral's profits. Now tweet away, and collect your due.
  • FACT: Since its inception in 2006, Twitter has signed up more than 100 million users.
  • Step 3: Realize that some ads will be written for you and posted word-for-word. Others may allow you to advertise in your own words, along with a link to the sponsor's products or services.
  • TIP: Payment is usually a nominal fee per tweet sent to you electronically.
  • Step 4: Sign up with one of several companies that connects Twitters users with advertisers, like Sponsored Tweets, Twittad, Magpie, or
  • Step 5: Wait for offers to come in from advertisers who choose from a database of tweeters and select who they want to pay and how much.
  • Step 6: Register for an account on Twitter if you don't all ready have one.

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