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How To Make Sure Your Baby Gets Enough Hindmilk

Breastfeeding moms want to be sure their babies are getting the right mixture of the two kinds of breastmilk: the watery, hydrating foremilk and the richer, creamier hindmilk. The good news is that both are full of nutrition.


  • Step 1: Trust your body to provide the nutrition your baby needs. Research shows that babies adjust the amount of milk they drink to get the amount of fat they need -- so there's little need for mom to worry.
  • FACT: Michael Jordan's mom has said that she believes breastfeeding him for three years contributed to making him a star athlete.
  • TIP: Apply the same rule for a baby that is nursing for comfort rather than out of hunger. Switching sides frequently during a session can result in the baby getting too much foremilk.
  • Step 2: If your baby quits feeding in less than 15 minutes and wants to feed again within an hour, continue letting them nurse on the same side as before until the breast is empty.
  • Step 3: Let your baby empty one breast before switching to the other side. Hindmilk is released when the milk ducts become drained.
  • Step 4: Breastfeed your baby on demand. The body naturally supplies the best mix of the foremilk that satisfies thirst, followed by the fattier hindmilk.

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