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How To Make Wedding Favors

With a little time and effort, you can create gifts for your guests that are unique and match your theme.


  • TIP: Make your favors stand out by using different textures or varying shades of your wedding colors.
  • Step 1: Print personalized tags on cardstock for each guest, giving their name and seating place. Punch a small hole in each tag and attach them to the boxes using a small piece of yarn.
  • Step 2: Display your beautiful wedding favors at the reception entrance. Relax and know that you have thanked your guests in your own unique way.
  • FACT: Czech wedding guests wish the new bride and groom luck by showering them with peas instead of rice.
  • Step 3: Attach one end of the yarn to the box using a mailing seal. Then wrap the yarn around the box five times to create one wide ribbon across the middle. Attach the other end to the box with another seal.
  • Step 4: Place your chosen wedding favor in a small, colorful gift box. Cut a piece of yarn that is long enough to wrap around the box five times.
  • TIP: Use local and regional treats to thank your guests for travelling to your wedding.
  • Step 5: Make sugar cookies. Use a rubber stamp dipped in food coloring to put your monogram or another personal mark on each cookie. Match the food coloring to your wedding colors.
  • Step 6: Buy tea bags in bulk and create personalized tags with your name and wedding date.
  • TIP: Write a special saying or a line from your favorite song or poem on each tag to add another personal touch to your gift.
  • Step 7: Save time by buying small candies that match your color scheme. Purchase candies in bulk to divide into smaller gift boxes.

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