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How to Make Your Neighbors Leave you Alone Using Common Superstitions

There are many hexes that will get your annoying neighbors to stop bothering you. Try one or all of these superstitions.


  • Step 1: Get rid of your neighbors once and for all by driving nails into footprints they've made in the ground; they'll not only leave you alone, they'll leave town altogether!
  • FACT: Urban residents are twice as likely as rural residents to say they're superstitious, according to one survey.
  • Step 2: Make your neighbors leave you alone and drive them nuts at the same time by snagging a piece of their hair and tossing it under running water. According to the superstition, as the hair swirls away with the water, their mind will get swept away, too.
  • Step 3: Make sure your neighbors never return by putting a live spider on their backs as they depart.
  • TIP: If your neighbors always drop by at dinnertime, hide a bottle of castor oil near their plate; they'll never impose again.
  • Step 4: No salting opportunity? Lay one of your left shoes under your bed, upside-down. Your pesky neighbors will suddenly be seized with the desire to leave.
  • Step 5: When neighbors stop by for an unwelcome visit, sprinkle a little salt on their chair or toss a handful at their back when they're not looking; this common superstition will hasten their departure. Be careful: if they see you do it, it won't work.

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