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How to MC an Event

Being chosen to MC an event is a big honor. Make sure you act like the master of ceremonies, not the master of disaster.


  • TIP: Stay poised and alert throughout the event to keep it running smoothly, even if unexpected issues come up.
  • Step 1: End the event by acknowledging anyone who helped put together the event or assisted with your MC duties before thanking all of the speakers and the audience.
  • FACT: Bob Hope served as MC for the Academy Awards 19 times, more than any other host as of 2010.
  • Step 2: Listen to the speaker while watching the time. When they are finished, thank the speaker; then, use a salient point from the presentation to direct attention to the next speaker's introduction.
  • Step 3: Introduce the first speaker; point out how their talk fits into the program, and any of their notable accomplishments. Avoid cliches and hyperbole, and be brief. Then, say the speaker's name and lead the applause until they reach the microphone.
  • Step 4: Arrive early so you can check with the organizers about any last-minute updates to the schedule and to find out if any special guests will be at the event and need acknowledgement. Make sure all the technical needs have been handled and that water is available for each speaker.
  • TIP: Bring detailed notes for any remarks you plan to make to ensure you don’t get off track.
  • Step 5: Start the event on time -- welcome the audience and note any special guests. Then, introduce yourself as the MC and highlight the event's theme and purpose, taking the audience through a brief overview of the schedule.
  • Step 6: Before the event, meet with the organizers to get an overview of the schedule and tone for the occasion. Then, contact anyone speaking at the event to confirm their topics, background information to use for their introductions, and go over any technical needs they have.

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