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How to Modify an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Rapid Fire

Sick of having your butt handed to you in first-person shooters? This rapid-fire mod to your Xbox 360 controller could be the answer you've been looking for.


  • TIP: Make sure the wiring runs clear of any screw holes and controller parts.
  • Step 1: Reassemble the controller, and reattach the front case. Now whenever the pressure is on, just push that little button to pepper your opponents in a barrage of bullets!
  • FACT: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" made it into the 2010 _Guinness Book of World Records Gamer's Edition_ as the Most Played Online Video Game.
  • Step 2: Thread the wires and prongs through the drilled hole with the button facing outward. Locate the 2 solder contact points: look for 3 small prongs in a vertical row to the right of the circuit board -- the middle prong is your first contact point. Look for another small prong next to the printed text "D21" -- this is your second contact point. Before soldering the wire, remove the analog sticks and rubber button pad. Solder the ends of each wire from the button to the 2 contact points.
  • Step 3: Take 2 strips of wire a few inches in length -- stripping the end of the casings if necessary -- and loop a section of one wire through one of the button's prongs, twisting the wire to hold it in place. Repeat with the other wire and prong.
  • Step 4: Tape the buttons down. Take out the battery pack, and remove the 7 screws with the Torx screwdriver. There's a "hidden" screw behind the barcode sticker in the battery compartment.
  • Step 5: With the controller facing up, remove the circuit board from the shell and find a place near the grip on either side of the controller to drill a hole for the button. Use a drill bit that's the same diameter as the button for a snug fit. Drill the hole and replace the circuit board.
  • TIP: Make sure to drill the hole where the push button will be below the circuit board and easily accessible during game play. You may have to remove a rumble pack to make room for the button.
  • : Modifying an Xbox 360 controller will void any warranties and could damage the controller and/or result in being banned from Xbox 360 Live.

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