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How to Move Abroad with Children

A move is a big deal to you and your kids. An international move is even bigger. Ease the stress for your whole family when making a move to a new country.


  • Step 1: Look for support from others in your new area who are also from other countries. This is a good way to meet families with children so that your children can make new friends. The sooner your kids feel comfortable, the sooner the new house will feel like a home.
  • FACT: The Association for American Wives of Europeans in Paris was started in 1961 to help women adjust to life outside the United States.
  • Step 2: Involve your kids in as many decisions as you can. For instance, let them choose a neighborhood or help in picking a house.
  • TIP: Explain to your kids that all of their things will be moving with them. Things getting packed away may scare them into thinking that those things are disappearing.
  • Step 3: Say goodbye to friends and places from home that your children love. If the child is old enough to have many friends, throw a goodbye party. If there is a favorite park, be sure to visit it one last time.
  • Step 4: Keep the routines the same as they were before. A change in the way things work can freak out children and make them wonder what is going on. Keeping daily routines, like chores, can assure children that the new house is still home.
  • Step 5: Check out the educational standards in the area that you are moving to. Not all educational systems work the same or have the same standards.

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