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How To Organize a Kitchen Pantry

Take time to set up your kitchen pantry properly and you'll be able to easily access staples for cooking and meal preparation.


  • Step 1: Empty your pantry shelves. Place food items on a nearby counter or in large boxes.
  • Step 2: Wash your shelves with a warm soap and water solution, and let them dry.
  • Step 3: Sort your items according to food group.
  • Step 4: Toss any spoiled or inedible food. Be sure to inspect items thoroughly for bugs.
  • Step 5: Transfer any open bags into air tight containers.
  • Step 6: Restock your pantry shelves, putting frequently used items closest for easy access.
  • Step 7: Admire your pantry!
  • FACT: Pantry derives from the Latin word for bread.

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