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How to Paint a Room Creatively

If your stark white bedroom walls scream for a splash of creativity, these tips will let your inner Michelangelo run wild.


  • TIP: Pick a strong theme, like sports, superheroes, or animals for a striking paint job in any boy or girl's bedroom.
  • Step 1: Add a splash of color to doors and trim if tackling an entire wall seems like too much. With a little practice, you can have a creative paint job in any room.
  • FACT: It took Michelangelo four years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
  • Step 2: Use stencils of animals, cartoon characters, shapes, or even polka dots to create a fun, eye-catching border around your room. Mix two or three colors to add dimension to your stencils.
  • Step 3: Paint stripes using two similar colors. Apply a base coat with one color and then measure and tape off evenly spaced stripes using painter's tape. Then apply the other color for a one-of-a-kind wall.
  • Step 4: Create texture with a sponge technique. Dilute your paint with a little water, dip a natural sponge in it, and dab it on the wall to create a random pattern.
  • TIP: Pick up a specially designed painting sponge at your local hardware or painting supply store.
  • Step 5: Get crazy with bold colors, like yellow, pink, purple, or even black or red. Don't be afraid to accent one wall with a bold color to make it pop as a focal point.

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