How To Part Your Hair

Change your look by parting your hair in different ways. Learn to part your hair and show off your best facial features.


  • TIP: Change up your look by parting your hair slightly to the left or to the right of your natural part.
  • Step 1: Part your hair in the middle if you have a square face, a large forehead, or wide jaw. Enjoy the new variety of looks you can wear.
  • FACT: In 2009, a 52-year-old Kung Fu master in China pulled eight cars for almost 98 feet with her hair.
  • Step 2: Part your hair to the side, in line with the arch of your eyebrow, if you have a narrow or oval face.
  • Step 3: Separate your hair along the new part. You may have to use a styling product to get your hair accustomed to the new part.
  • TIP: When you find your natural part, part your hair when it is wet so it dries in position.
  • Step 4: Part your hair by first pulling your hair back.
  • Step 5: Draw a line with a comb along your scalp. Begin at your forehead where your hair line begins and then trace a line to the back of your head.
  • Step 6: Brush your dry hair forward and then shake your head. Look in the mirror and see where your hair naturally parts; use a comb to define your part.

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