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How To Pick a Baby Jump-Up

Ensure your baby's safety by choosing a jump-up that meets these guidelines.


  • Step 1: Choose a seat with a full-body harness that holds the baby at the waist and shoulders.
  • Step 2: Make sure the spring is enclosed to prevent finger injuries.
  • Step 3: Check the reliability of the clamp that attaches to the frame of the door if you are purchasing a door frame model. Happy jumping!
  • FACT: In 1914, Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day.
  • TIP: Look for padding that can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Step 4: Look for a framed seat that is padded to keep your child comfortable.
  • TIP: Do not purchase a used jumper before checking for recalls.
  • Step 5: Read manufacturer's recomendations for height, weight, and age.
  • Step 6: Look for a jumper with height-adjustable legs that grow with your baby.
  • Step 7: Check for recalls and safety guidlines at

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